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The fitted kitchen is the part of the home’s furnishings with the most direct implications for the architecture of the space where it is installed: the volumes of the tall units and the kitchen counter (whether against the wall or in an island) are architectural features in their own right, large forms and vertical structures that dialogue with the space around them, layouts designed for a specific room in a specific home. With this project by Massimo Castagna, Rossana aims to truly integrate the kitchen with the architecture, with applications and new components designed for integration in the structure of the building to form a single whole. TU23 Architectural is the system of components that expands the range of the TU23 tall unit ystem, designed for built-in installation with the doors flush with the wall, allowing the creation of alcoves and small rooms that are perfectly concealed by the tall unit fronts and can be equipped on the inside exactly as required. An innovative, original, realistic approach and further confirmation of the flair for innovation that has made Rossana a leading figure on the international fitted kitchen market.

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