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HT50, designed by Massimo Castagna, rethinks and updates a style of kitchen of which Rossana is very fond: the niche kitchen, the basic concept of highly successful, top quality Rossana products in the 1980s.

The working zone is contained in the niche-like space created between the base and wall units. It is equipped with midway units, open-fronted units and storage units resting on the worktop, which form individual functional areas.

Stylish, sophisticated minimalist design, wide-scale use of the latest servo-assisted technologies for opening and closing the units (electrified push-pull opening) and a special focus on the use of materials: all features in perfect keeping with the brand’s philosophy.

The HT50 kitchen system allows and suggests a large number of other possible layouts, not restricted to the niche concept, providing the potential for a very high level of personalisation.

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