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For Rossana, Massimo Castagna rethinks and evolves the basic archetype of the contemporary kitchen to create HD23, an original, innovative design that supersedes the concept of the kitchen as defined by its door style: roomy low-plinth base units and a large number of special components which can be combined with the base unit composition for new meanings and functions, with a high degree of personalisation. HD23 is a tailor-made kitchen, conceived as a series of individual objects of great personality: each of us is completely free to create the kitchen-construction we find most attractive, with a “made-to-measure” design. The door is plain with right-angled corners, lacquered or in wood, with handle groove or external or inset handle opening systems; it is decidedly not the distinctive feature of the kitchen, which draws its personality and character from the combination of other elements, which combine with the base units to form the composition. Two types of snack counters, four families of special wall units, lacquered, in wood or in coloured glass throughout, a Corian hood with organic shapes, inspired by the Falkland lamp by Bruno Munari for Danese, and two types of technical counters. Items of immense personality which can be combined with the kitchen composition, they add new meanings and character to the overall effect, providing a complete system and a design approach with a high degree of personalisation.

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