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Etna, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, moves beyond the model of the contemporary minimalist kitchen to express a new concept of the kitchen, which combines design and tradition in a room shaped to people’s needs. The Rossana philosophy views the kitchen as a room to be lived to the full, the natural extension of the home’s living area, where the routines and rituals of food preparation take place alongside the fulfilment of social duties and the entertainment of guests, in accordance with the informal, international lifestyle now adopted all over the world.

“Etna” means Sicily, it reflects our Mediterranean character, warm and welcoming, loving decoration yet contemporary, aristocratic and practical. Nothing is banal or ordinary; the design and technical features leave behind the construction and stylistic standardisation of today’s kitchens and establish contrasts and dialogue between tradition and modernity: thick doors that close flush against the worktop so they are completely concealed; tops with recesses to contain liquids and stainless steel “technical worktops” fitted over the inset tops; the original, exquisite high-tech elliptical-section vertical handle used on the doors; and the wall and tall units with glass doors decorated with the outlines of glasses and flasks, a striking ornamental motif with immense personality.

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