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In the year 1997 we were able to make real a dream we had been cooking for a long time: offer demanding costumers new and practical designs and furniture of unquestionable quality for that special corner in their home that gathers families and friends most part of the day. Today, there are many who already enjoy a space with a unique seasoning: A STRATO AMBIENTI KITCHEN. A history full of success stories has allowed us to be leaders in the marketing, design and installation of italian kitchens with furniture, technologies and designs that have evolved over the years, adapting to changes in society, trends in decoration and architecture, while maintaining the highest quality.

Because in Strato Ambienti we are aware that every home is a world, we give extra importance to that initial interview that allows us to understand the taste and requirements of the person that comes to us. The goal is to design exactly what they are looking for: the perfect kitchen. The most functional cabinets, right lighting, style, color, everything is important to later be able to enjoy a product tailored to the needs. You put the recipe, we take care of the ingredients and give it that special Strato Ambienti touch. Highest quality in furniture and equipment, service in installation, always in the time discussed and with the most qualified personnel willing to leave in your kitchen our “impecable job“ stamp.

The expressed recommendations of so many clients have allowed us to reap credibility and preference and be able to grow successfully. Today we proudly have a wide distribution in Venezuela and the rest of the world. We have a branch in Toronto, Canada in addition of meeting clients needs in the USA, Aruba, Curacao and Dominican Republic.

We meet and work with single clients but also with construction companies that hire our kitchen services for major housing developments. It is the same clients that have pushed us and motivated us to expand our lists of products and be able to shine in other corners of their homes like the bedroom. As exclusive representatives of Ambienti Faer we offer practical and beautiful room furniture with proven durability and unique and functional closets.


When you visit, make yourself at home … We will surely make you feel in yours.

Rossana, fifty years of quality kitchens.

There are few brands so deeply rooted in the collective imagination of our country. Rossana counts among those few. Fifty years of history spent at the top in the production of high-end contemporary kitchens make Rossana a benchmark brand in terms of planning, technology and quality for the entire sector of quality design. Rossana’s strength lies in the fact that it has never limited itself to merely responding to the market; rather, it has dedicated itself to anticipation, research, creativity and development. Right from the very beginning, Rossana has collaborated with the biggest names in international design: Giancarlo Iliprandi, Michele De Lucchi, Rodolfo Dordoni, Tito Agnoli, Christophe Pillet, Massimo Castagna, Salviati-Tresoldi, Alfredo Zengiaro, Ennio Arosio and many others, thereby, with thousands of installations, succeeding in entering the most beautiful houses in Italy and the world. Rossana kitchens are created to last through time. Kitchens beyond fashion and trends, designed with an obsessive attention to both technical and constructional detail. Culturally designed for only a few, but honestly priced and therefore accessible to many. Kitchens designed for an intelligent clientele, able to appreciate the flexibility of systems conceived to allow tailor-made personalisation. Systems whose intersecting components can be adapted to fit large or small environments. The entire product is more haute couture than pret a porter, more niche than mass, conceived ad hoc for each individual, rather than standardised for everyone.

The indisputable quality, the tireless evolution of the product, the constant pursuit of these goals and the consistency in attaining them give today’s Rossana brand an absolute strength: credibility, a crucial factor, particularly in uncertain times for the international market.

                                Massimo Castagna             Rodolfo Dordoni             Vicenzo De Cotiis

                                         Massimo Castagna      Rodolfo Dordoni      Vicenzo De Cotiis

L’Invisibile was created in 1994 out of the experience of Portarredo Srl, an Italian company founded in the early 80’s that specialises in manufacturing doors and locking systems featuring exclusive designs and materials.

Portarredo distinguished itself from the very beginning thanks to the fully-developed technological value of its products. It has also succeeded in earning a name with its brand at the top of the market of windows and doors. Through close collaboration with architects and engineers, Portarredo has developed products that look into the future of home-living, anticipating trends and needs. In the initial project, studies and researches were merged in order to propose personalised design configurations for architecture solutions that satisfy specific needs, different tastes and varied lifestyles.

L’Invisibile has evolved from this project. It is the exclusive patented system for doors and locks totally flush-to-wall that enables maximum versatility and personalisation, offering elegant and functional solutions to every furniture idea.

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